Table of Contents


  1. Abaka, Edmund

    1. “Eating Kola”: The Pharmacological and Therapeutic Significance of Kola Nuts
      Edmund Abaka
  2. Akurang-Parry, Kwabena Opare

    1. Slavery and Abolition in the Gold Coast: Colonial Modes of Emancipation and African Initiatives
      Kwabena Opare Akurang-Parry
  3. Ameh, Robert Kwame

    1. Trokosi (Child Slavery) in Ghana: A Policy Approach1
      Robert Kwame Ameh


  1. Konadu-Agyemang, Kwadwo

    1. Housing Conditions and Spatial Organization in Accra, 1950s–1990s1
      Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang


  1. McCaskie, T. C.

    1. Akwankwaa: Owusu Sekyere Agyeman in His Life and Times
      T. C. McCaskie


  1. Rathbone, Richard

    1. Transferring Power in Ghana: Some Thoughts on What the Archives Might Be Telling Us
      Richard Rathbone


  1. Tashjian, Victoria B.

    1. The Diaries of A. C. Duncan-Johnstone: A Preliminary Analysis of British Involvement in the “Native Courts” of Colonial Asante
      Victoria B. Tashjian


  1. Wilks, Ivor

    1. “Unity and Progress”: Asante Politics Revisited
      Ivor Wilks