Index by author


  1. Collins, John

    1. Popular Performance and Culture in GhanaThe Past 50 Years
      John Collins


  1. Gadzekpo, Audrey

    1. Fifty Years of the Media’s Struggle for Democracy in GhanaLegacies and Encumbrances
      Audrey Gadzekpo
  2. Gyimah-Boadi, Emmanuel

    1. Politics in Ghana Since 1957The Quest for Freedom, National Unity, and Prosperity
      Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi


  1. Mccaskie, T. C.

    1. Asante HistoryA Personal Impression of Forty Years
      T. C. Mccaskie


  1. Tsikata, Dzodzi

    1. Women in Ghana at 50Still Struggling to Achieve Full Citizenship?
      Dzodzi Tsikata


  1. Van Der Geest, Sjaak

    1. Fifty Years in Kwahu-TafoMemories and Reflections of an Anthropologist
      Sjaak Van Der Geest