Accra’s Women on Screen, 2001

A Documentary Pair about Body, Risk, Tonics, and Health

R. Lane Clark, Nancy Rose Hunt and Takyiwaa Manuh


The article introduces two documentaries, “Excuse Me to Say”—Notions of Body and Risk in Accra, and “Where Shall I Go?”—Tonics, Clinics, and Miracles in Accra, which take viewers on an intimate voyage through diverse territories of women’s health” and medical care in West Africa. An outgrowth of the Women’s Health in the City of Accra Research Collective, these documentaries grew out of this collaborative project that engaged students and faculty from the University of Ghana and the University of Michigan in qualitative research on gender and health. The films present intimate, subjective material, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by women and girls, and their strategies as they endeavor to live healthy lives.

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